Take a picture the next time you are crossing the border, may be on your way to work or into vacation or just because you live close to the border.
Optimal are pictures in jpg, sent to us by e-mail or high quality paper photographs in colour, size at least 13 x 18 cm, to be sent by regular mail:

KAB- Projekt Grenzansichten,
Sabine Puschmann-Diegel,
Bernhard-Letterhaus-Str. 26
50670 Köln

For correct documentation add the following data:
  • Name, First name

  • Zip Code, City

  • Your E-mail Adress

  • Date of the picture

  • Exact location of the photo
    (with state or province)

  • Your story of the picture
    Is there a story, an event, do you have special memories or feelings when you cross this border point? Please, write it down and send it to:
In case you send us documents in the framework of the project "Border Views - Experience Europe - Living and Working in Europe" you agree to publication free of charge.
If you do not want that your name is published, please write it down in your mail.